Splatter Shooter

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Pop & Horror!?

30sec Splatter Shooting Game.

  • ポップでホラーな30秒の爽快シューティングゲーム
  • 30秒の間に四角で目玉な奴らを倒してください。



  • 四角で目玉な奴らを倒すと
  • ポイントとパイナップルをゲットできます。



  • こんな人にオススメ
  • ちょっと ストレス発散したい人。

    ちょっと 息抜きしたい人。

    ちょっと 暇を潰したい人。


  • シューティングゲームが得意な方へ
  • ポイントを溜めてレベルを上げてドンドン強くなりましょう。



  • シューティングゲームが苦手な方へ
  • パイナップルを溜めてキャラクターをゲットしましょう。



  • Pop & Horror!? 30sec Splatter Shooting Game.
  • Shoot down “Square with eye” in 30 sec.

    You may feel it’s hard to get them down in the beginning, but you will get stronger while playing the game.

  • Get a point and a pineapple that makes it more fun!
  • Shoot down “Square with eye”, and you can get a point and a pineapple.

    - Use a point for Level up.

    - Use a pineapple for getting new character.

  • This game is recommended for
  • Who wants to distress,

    Who wants to relax,

    Who wants to enjoy your break time.

  • Tips for the master of shooting game.
  • Become the world champion of the score ranking

    Getting more points, getting stronger.

    Watch out the bullet, or 3 sec will be shortened for the game play.

  • Tips for the beginner of shooting game.
  • Complete the collection of the characters.

    Getting more pineapples, getting more characters.

    Enjoy the game with a lot of characters. Your level is the same even if you change the character.